Ticket questions

01. I have completed my order, but I have not received any confirmation about it. What can I do?

It may take up to 30 minutes before you receive your order confirmation. Please also check your spam folder. If you still have not received your order confirmation after this time, please contact our support at info@live4you.net.

02. I have ordered Print@Home tickets. Where can I download these tickets?

If you made the booking by credit card or PayPal, you could download the tickets which are attached to the e-mail as PDF files directly after the booking. In addition, you will find the confirmation of your successful payment transaction in this e-mail.In the e-mail there is a link under" You can change and view your order at the following address:" with which I can also download the ticket again.If you have lost the email, please contact support at info@live4you.net.

03. I would like to order Print@Home tickets. How is the selection made?

Automatically during the ordering process.

04. Can tickets be partially returned?

Exchanges, rebooking or cancellations of tickets are not accepted by the organizers on whose behalf we act. You will be clearly informed about the binding nature of your order during the ordering process.

05. May I resell the tickets I have purchased?

The tickets may not be sold commercially or for profit. The respective organizer can set up special regulations for this. Passing them on to family/friends/acquaintances is allowed, as long as the original purchase price is not exceeded.

06. Can I give a ticket as a gift?

Yes, you can, it is important that you forward the ticket (PDF) with the ticket code accordingly. A ticket code can only be used on one device. Therefore, a ticket should be purchased for each person.

07. I have lost my ticket, can I get a replacement?

Please contact our support at info@live4you.net.It is important to enter the e-mail address under which the ticket was ordered.Then the e-mail can be resent.

08. Which tickets are available?

For each artist there are different ticket categories. These can contain temporally different accesses (for example for Zoom) or also merch or other additional articles.

09. Why does a concert cost money?

The event industry has not had much revenue since March 2020. You support with your ticket not only your favorite artist, but also the crew, technicians and many other companies that worked in the background on this show.

Questions about the stream

01. How do I get to the stream?

After you have chosen your concert click on "Next" and you will get to the shopping cart. After payment has been received, your personal streaming link will be sent to you via email confirmation. Here you will find the link to the event and in the attached PDF you will find the ticket code, which you have to enter when logging in.

02. How will I know if events are postponed or cancelled?

Firstly, you can check our homepage before the concert date, and secondly, we will also inform you by email about any relevant news.

03. How long is the stream available?

How long the stream is available varies depending on the concert and/or the bundle you have booked. You will be informed of this several times during the purchase process.

04. Can I watch the stream on a smart TV?

Yes, it is technically possible. The best option is to connect your computer via HDMI. It is also possible via PC and Chromecast or MAC and Apple TV.You can also log in with your ticket code on your Smart TV.Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the functionality for this, as smart TV browsers are often customized by the manufacturer.

05. In which quality is the stream provided?

The livestream runs in a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD).

06. Can I stream on multiple devices at the same time?

We have limited simultaneous content playback to one device per ticket.

07. What technical requirements do I need for the stream?

First of all, you need a stable internet connection with at least 16 Mbit/s. As a browser we recommend the latest version of Google Chrome, preferably on a desktop computer, or laptop. This can optionally be connected to your TV, e.g., via HDMI cable. The site is not optimized for smart TVs and game consoles, so we cannot guarantee that the stream will run smoothly on such devices. Cookies and pop-ups must be enabled for this page to work.

08. Will the stream work over LTE on mobile devices?

If a stable LTE connection is available and you have a current, as well as common mobile device with the latest browser version, this should not be a problem. However, we recommend watching the stream over Wi-Fi on a desktop computer or laptop, as the mobile network can have large fluctuations in bandwidth and some mobile devices may experience interference. You should also keep in mind that an HD stream consumes about 1.5 to 3 GB of data per hour, so you should have a correspondingly large data volume available.

09. What do I do if the login doesn't work or the stream doesn't load or play?

  1. reload page

  2. close page, return to start page and login again with the streaming code

  3. clear browser cache, restart browser and log in again with the streaming code

If none of these 3 steps helped, please contact info@live4you.net

Newsletter questions

01. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

If you no longer wish to receive news from us via email, please use the "unsubscribe" function in the newsletter or send an email to info@live4you.net.

Questions about the order

01. Can I still change or cancel my order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to change or cancel your order. Automatic processes ensure that once you submit your order, the tickets are reserved for you directly.Exchanges, changes or cancellations of tickets are not accepted by the organizers on whose behalf we act. The binding nature of your order will be clearly pointed out to you during the ordering process.

02. What does "not available" mean?

The display "Not available" means that the price category is already sold out or that the price category is not yet on sale.

03. What happens with my data?

Your entered data, will only be collected, processed and used for the purpose of establishing the corresponding contract, for contract execution and processing, as well as for billing purposes.

04. Can I return my tickets (in case of illness or similar)?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to return tickets. Automatic processes ensure that after sending the order, the tickets are immediately reserved in our web shop.Exchanges, rebooking or cancellations of tickets are not accepted by the organizers on whose behalf we act. The binding nature of your order will be clearly pointed out to you during the ordering process.

05. How do group tickets work?

If you book a group ticket, the opening of the concert stream is also only possible via the link to the stream provided in the e-mail. You can NOT share your link with your friends. The group ticket is more of a donation, should you enjoy the concert together with your friends in your living room.

06. Can I watch the concert with more people?

Depending on the contact limits, as many people can sit in front of your device and watch as you can get on your couch.

Payment questions

01. How can I pay for my tickets?

Payment options vary from event to event. Normally, we offer the following payment options:

• Credit card via PayPal
• Bank transfer via PayPal
• via PayPal

Occasionally, you may only be able to pay by credit card for an event (for example, if the event is coming up soon). Payment methods that require you to provide your data are carried out with certified providers, so these methods are completely secure.For all payment options, your order will not be processed until payment has been received. We therefore ask for your understanding.

02. How does the payment by credit card work?

After selecting the payment method credit card, you will be asked to enter the name of the credit card holder, the credit card number, the validity date and the verification number. Therefore, please have the corresponding data ready. The amount will be debited from your credit card immediately.

03. How does the payment via PayPal work?

You will be redirected to PayPal for payment during the order process. After successful completion, we will process your order immediately. Your PayPal data will not be stored on our site.

04. Is payment by installments possible?

Unfortunately, payment by installments is not possible.

05. Will I receive an invoice for the ordered tickets?

Please click on the corresponding field during the order process.

06. I have placed an order but there was a payment cancellation. How can I book it again?

We recommend making the booking with another payment method so that there is no problem again.