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Ein Traum von Freiheit
Das Live Streaming Konzert 2021 

After a bloody 15 month absence from the stage we are finally back! And the best thing about it: You can all be there live!

The last months were a constant up and down, not only because of the Corona crisis, but also because of Alea's accident, Lasterbalk's baby and many other events. But now the time has finally come! Our crazy guy is healthy again and really wants to tear down the virtual stage together with you! „Ein Traum von Freiheit" is the name of our first streaming concert, where we will finally be live on stage together again. Not only do we have the new record "Für immer frei" with us, but also many great guests who will support us on stage! See you live on 30.04.21.

You Decide what you Pay!

We have decided to offer you different supporter categories WITHOUT any frippery. Each category automatically includes a streaming ticket. If you want to support us, feel free to choose a higher priced category and you will support us automatically with the amount of the difference to the "Eulenspiegel“ category. If you're really into it, you can also donate 5 EUR for our crew, without them we couldn't organize the whole thing here. Just check the box "Nen 5er für die Crew" and show your love! For 499 people we also have the possibility to be live at the concert in a Zoom conference (ATTENTION - participate at your own risk). In the Zoom conference we need your support! Dance, clap, pogo, swing your arms!  Full performance is mandatory here! You're also welcome to hold a few messages into the camera for us, because we can see all the people in the Zoom Conference in front of us on stage.


24,90€ – Eulenspiegel
34,90€ – Loki
44,90€ – Heimdall
54,90€ – Löwenherz
99,90€ – Spielmannsschwur

*In case of problems with the player (stream does not load, error message, etc.):

  1. Reload player page

  2. Close the player page, return to the start page and log in again with the streaming code

  3. Clear the browser cache, restart the browser and log in again with the streaming code.

If none of these 3 steps helped, please contact or see FAQs


01. I have completed my order, but I have not received any confirmation about it. What can I do?

It may take up to 30 minutes before you receive your order confirmation. Please also check your spam folder. If you still have not received your order confirmation after this time, please contact our support at

02. How do I get to the stream?

After you have chosen your concert click on "Next" and you will get to the shopping cart. After payment has been received, your personal streaming link will be sent to you via email confirmation. Here you will find the link to the event and in the attached PDF you will find the ticket code, which you have to enter when logging in.

03. How can I pay for my tickets?

Payment options vary from event to event. Normally, we offer the following payment options:

• Credit card via PayPal
• Bank transfer via PayPal
• via PayPal

Occasionally, you may only be able to pay by credit card for an event (for example, if the event is coming up soon). Payment methods that require you to provide your data are carried out with certified providers, so these methods are completely secure.For all payment options, your order will not be processed until payment has been received. We therefore ask for your understanding.

04. Can tickets be partially returned?

Exchanges, rebooking or cancellations of tickets are not accepted by the organizers on whose behalf we act. You will be clearly informed about the binding nature of your order during the ordering process.

05. May I resell the tickets I have purchased?

The tickets may not be sold commercially or for profit. The respective organizer can set up special regulations for this. Passing them on to family/friends/acquaintances is allowed, as long as the original purchase price is not exceeded.

06. I have lost my ticket, can I get a replacement?

Please contact our support at is important to enter the e-mail address under which the ticket was ordered.Then the e-mail can be resent.